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Dr. Brendan K O'Rourke

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Dr. Brendan K O'Rourke among other things is an academic working in Business & Society at the School of Global Business, Technological University Dublin , Ireland  where he teaches  in the Faculty of Business and focuses on learning about economy-related entities such as expertise, enterprise, creativity, elites,policies, strategies and how they are socially constructed.  (More on his profile (education, career etc) can be seen on his LinkedIn Page available here.) He is co-founder, former chair and  director of TU Dublin's Business, Society and Sustainability Research Centre, and he is also co-chair and a co-founder of the Discourse Analysis Group and  an Associate Editor of the peer-reviewed fully open access Human & Social Sciences Communications  https://www.nature.com/palcomms/aims-and-scope

Brendan sees learning in the classroom, researching with students and colleagues, publishing in peer-reviewed journals, presenting at conferences, blogging  and a variety of other activities as all intimately connected parts of his core mission of public learning as an academic.   Brendan hopes his work adds to progress by offering concepts, theories and empirical analysis that will prove useful. More on his work can be found in the links below